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The Furs with the Frozen Fun!

Frozen Oasis at the Doubletree Hotel

So Further Confusion is over, and I am curled up in bed, tired and elated, naked after my shower, reminiscing about how wonderful the con was. I hope that all of you who attended the con are as thoroughly satisfied at your con experience as I am. For those of you who attended our party as well, thanks for coming out and I hope you were thoroughly entertained. We tried our best, and I think it worked out.

So here’s the official con report for Frozen Oasis 007: “ROOMSHAKER”

We can’t really say HOW many guests we had at the Frozen Oasis… but there were lots. We actually ran out of wristbands both nights, and so our count will be largely based upon conjecture. All we can say for sure is that between the two nights, the number surpasses 350. We had 200 wristbands for Friday and 150 for Saturday and they both ran out. We had to resort to using a stamp.

So we started the party late due to difficulties with the Hotel staff having the room set up for partying. Because of this, we started the party about an hour late on Friday. My Pet Rhino opened up on the decks with the drum and bass (also known as Spectrum). Thank you, MPR! Then TekFox took over and rocked the house with s’more DnB. Thanks, TekFox! And the Genki polished the night off with his signature hardcore techno… at least until the Hotel staff shut it down. Thanks Genki! All the DJ’s were fantastic, and we loved having you. The first night, the DMX lighting wasn’t working, and one of the mega strobes cut out part way through the night. Technology-wise it was a bit of a disaster, for which we must apologize (this is part due to the fact that UPS destroyed out equipment when we had it shipped to San Jose). Thanks to everyone who came, especially for being patient with the technical issues.

Here are the stats: 2 types of frozen drinks were served, daiquiris and margaritas, and we had a real bartender for mixed “bond-style” drinks. (Thanks Thipher!) These consisted mainly of, but weren’t limited to, martinis and Vespers. Additionally, we had champagne. 400 frozen drinks were served, and 100 mixed “bond-style” drinks and champagne. This consisted of 20 gallons of daiquiri, 13 gallons of margarita, 8 liters of vodka martini, 2 liters of dry martini, 1 liter of vesper martini, and 8 liters of champagne. Additonally about 6 gallons of propane was consumed by the deck heaters.

Estimates are not perfect, as stated earlier, but from lei and wristband consumption we project that there were about 275 furs that came to the Frozen Oasis at some point of the night.

The party started at 10 pm and went until about 1:30 am when we were told to shut the music off. At this point we wrapped the party up.

Now for the official report for Frozen Oasis 8 - “Party Another Day”

This night started off slower than the previous. We opened up at 8, but it never really took off until 9, which makes sense because that’s what we wrote on the posters. Knowing that the hotel wouldn’t let us go past 1, we decided to make the best of it. This time, we had all our gear in working order. However, in less than an hour the con had us shut down our fog machine because they were afraid it would set off the smoke detectors.

Genki arrived late, since he was busily cleaning himself up, and I started my set to cover. I played DnB, then Genki took over, with Woof on the lights (both of whom made for an excellent show) and they went until Genki had to pack up and head over to the dance (meanie). I took over again, and finished the set I’d started earlier before switching to Synthpop/Industrial whatever-it’s-called (it has so many names). Only a few tracks in, we got shut down again, even earlier than the previous night, but Saturday the furs stayed despite the missing entertainment.

Here are the stats: Same drinks as the previous night (thanks again, Thipher! Yer a trooper. And thanks to Summercat for doing the drinks at the station on the deck both nights too!) 350 frozen drinks were served. 75 mixed drinks and /or champagne. 15 gallons of daiquiri was consumed, and 17 gallons of margarita. 3 liters of vodka martinis were consumed, 2 liters of vodka martini, half a liter of vesper, 4 liters of champagne. We actually managed to consume pretty much all the alcohol that was at the party, (which is why the numbers are lower).

About 320 furs came to the Oasis on the second night. The music was shut down at 1:12 am, but the party continued until a little after 3:30.

Throughout the con, 288 packs leis were provided, and 225 pairs of multicolored chemical glowsticks.

Special thanks to our door and security crew, Aegis, Watcher, Talliy, Hydra, and Pup E Raver. And thanks to Bandit for.... like... everything. :D

Also, thanks to Squirrel and Vandrav for bein' so accomodating.


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