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Thank you, Furfright!

Thank you all for coming to the Frozen Oasis Halloween Party 2006 at Fur Fright in Windsor Locks, CT. I had a great time and I hope you all did too!

Here’s the objective rundown. The party commenced late again, about 10 minutes after 9 pm and went until 2:30 when we were asked by con staff to shut it down because there were police in the lobby and they wanted to be good. DJ Genki missed it… again… and so I played as DJ again. This time I came prepared with DJ mixing software. The lineup was Drum and Bass for the first set, and the second set was a mixture of EBM (Synthpop), more metallic goa, and more techno-y goth rock. We finished off both of my sets, and the party was shut down only a few minutes into a prerecorded Tekfox set I put on afterwards because I was getting too drunk to mix it myself. Drinks were premixed frozen margaritas and daiquiris, and occasional shots of tequila.

We came with 2 cases of liquor, a total of 12 handles (1.75 L ea) evenly split between tequila and rum, plus the shooting tequila and 2 other handles of tequila amounting to 25 ¼ liters of alcohol. We also brought a case of mix concentrate for the drinks which resulted in 35 gallons of mixed drink plus shooters, but only 27 gallons had been consumed by the time the party was shut down. There were 107 guests not including the 4 staff members for a total of 111 occupants. We received one complaint from a patron that was a non-fur that somehow got placed in the furry block, but it might have been the people wrestling down by the elevators that actually disturbed them.

Even Belic showed up, albeit briefly. To dispel any rumors, nobody got drugged, or even got sick, at our party. Nothing went wrong the whole night. It was perfect. But the con asked us to shut down, so we had to shut down at 2:30, which amounted to 5 and a half hours of party… not too shabby. The 40 chemical glowsticks were gone almost immediately after the party started.

Special thanks to:
Talliy, Cas, and Dragoon. Thank you! Hope your con was as good as our’s was!

(For all those who are interested, I will post my playlist tracks to this forum if I played anything you especially liked. If you can't find it but can remember a lyric or something, post the lyric and I will help as best I can)!
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