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We Did It!

Frozen Oasis presented: MAD HATTER'S TEA PARTY May 13, 2011 - the biggest furry party in the world so far

Yesterday, the Frozen Oasis packed up and went home from Morphicon 2011, having done what many said could not be done - having a held a full Frozen Oasis nightclub-style party as part of a furry convention. Thanks to all of you who came to the party, and thanks to the Morphicon staff who had the trust and courage to allow us to do our thing, Frozen Oasis #24 - The Mad Hatter's Tea Party - was epic-making. Once again proving that well-organized drinking parties are safer than con security coming down on furry parties and forcing them underground, we went through an astonishing FIFTY FIVE GALLONS of frozen cocktails, from the peppermint-chai "Mad Hatter's Tea" to the "Drink Me" concoction, without a single incident. We used 100 high-intensity glowsticks, 144 UV-reactive mardi-gras necklaces (for the lounge, which was lit by UV and UV-reactive stuff ONLY, including our new hurricane glasses, which we went through 150 of and had to supplement the rest with standard red cups), and we raised $280 in our charity pet auction for the ferret rescue folks.

In fact, the party was *so* popular that it ended up effecting other convention programming, having given out 286 ID wristbands at a convention of about 307 attendees (assuming that there was no double-banding, but there probably was *some*) that would mean that Frozen Oasis drew a whopping 86% of the convention's attendance, closing down a few of the other events going on concurrently, but for the first time ever, it affected attendance at Saturday morning events. While I think I am safe in saying that nobody at Frozen Oasis is glad to shut down anyone else's event (Soron and I both know how it feels to spend lots of time and energy on an event only to get lackluster attendance), it does reflect how the congoers felt about Frozen Oasis #24, and we're grateful that so many came and stayed so late!

The party went from 9 pm to 3 am, and we went through nearly 3 cases of liquor (1 case rum for the Mad Tea, 2 cases vodka for Drink Me) we had 4 DJs - Jaspian, Jadaira, PixyCat, and Bastian - playing all kinds of stuff from trance to dubstep. There were a few issues, of course - the hotel didn't get the proper license from the fire marshal for us to use the fogger, and we ended up blowing out our new sub about 10 minutes into the party (its under warranty - no worries), and there was some learning experience - the bartender, I felt made the drinks too strong, and didn't grind the ice up into a fine slush like they should have - these are things that we will address for next year to make the next one even better!

Next one? That's right! We've already been asked to return to Morphicon 2012: Fables and Furry Tails.

I'm sure that over the next few weeks, a whole slew of Frozen Oasis 24 videos will appear on youtube, here's video from SparkyBlueFox that I stumbled upon last night:

The dance room (he seems to really like Jadaira in her fursuit... BTW Jadaira DJ'd in suit for her first set)  :P

... and this was from the lounge...

Thanks guys for putting the videos up! And thanks to all of you who came to the party. Please be sure to stop in again next year and bring your friends (if they're cool)  ;P

- jaspian

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