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FOXmas V in Review

FOXmas 5 is done (so sad) -- but we'll be back again next year!  -^.^-Thanks everybody for coming out to FOXmas 2010!

Another year, another FOXmas! And this one was a special milestone: that was the fifth annual FOXmas and it’s still going strong. Personally, I thought it was the best one to date. Great food, great drinks, and most of all - great people.

So we had a total party attendance of 45, which means that we’re getting precariously close to our previous record before we decided to restrict attendance to prevent overcrowding, but the new layout, I think, kinda addressed that and made for more open space at the party. We did set a record for Hangover Breakfast though, with 33 furs attending, which is the most we’ve had for any Frozen Oasis Hangover Breakfast, not just for FOXmas, but for *all* Hangover Breakfasts so far, and there were 8 for the Sunday movie afterward... which wasn’t a great film. Review is up HERE for those of you who’re interested. As for the party...

For alcohol, we finished off …
* 6 gallons of Holiday Pepperment Chai
* 3 gallons of Mulled Cider
* 3 gallons of Pina Colada
* 3 750 mL bottles of fine champagne
* 1 L Everclear
* ⅕ of Amaretto
* ⅕ of Chestnut liquor

For food, we finished off...
* 10 lbs of ham
* 15 chicken breasts
* 3 lbs pasta
* lots of dip, chips & other snacks

So overall I’d say it was a very successful event. The party went from 7 pm until finally wrapping up at 5 am. Jaderia and Tiff played first set (Thanks guys, you were great!), mostly Industrial Techno. I played second set, starting a little before midnight, mostly Dubstep.

There was also a Special Announcement made at the party... for those of you who weren’t there, I think you might be interested to know...

Frozen Oasis will now be a con-sponsored event at Morphicon. Having such a positive reception in recent years that we managed to close down most of the convention events after 8 pm on Friday by draining them of attendees, Jewel has decided to give us a main ballroom, so that we can throw the Frozen Oasis party like it’s meant to be thrown - with plenty of flourish and style - and supposedly all convention events except for Frozen Oasis will be closed. This will hopefully be a big thing for the furry community in general - first ever con-sponsored convention party, and it being in a ballroom. And we hope to give back to Morphicon by significantly increasing their attendance this year. So please, if you like Frozen Oasis and can make it out to Ohio in May, come to Morphicon and bring your friends...! With your help, we can show all the doubters what a boon con-sponsored convention parties can be to the furry community as a whole, (so that there can be more of them)! As usual, FO @ Morphicon will be 21+ with photo ID, and you will need to have a conbadge to get in.

Hope to see you there!  -^.^-

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