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Jaspian Stealthpaw

Announcement: FOXmas 5! Dec 11, 2010 in Rochester NY

Soron and Jaspian posing for FOXmas5!
Announcing : FOXmas V!

Yesyes - this will be the fifth FOXmas coming up.... time flies, doesn't it? Anyway, it will be held in the traditional manner (still no convention revival, sorry  :(  ), and it will be held at Soron's house in Rochester NY on December 11, 2010. For the first time ever, this will be a formal event. Black ties encouraged, but if you haven't got a tux, its okay to be semi-formal. However, make sure to bring some dancin' shoes, 'cuz the rave room will be set up and running hot all night long.

For any newcomers - FOXmas parties are limited-attendance because his house can only sleep so many, and because we need to get a head-count for food and drinks, so please contact Soron before you come to make sure there's space available, otherwise you might get turned away at the door (yes, we're being strict about this again this year. No repeat of 2008!)

Anyway... party kicks off at 8 pm, but there will be a bunch of furs going out for dinner beforehand, location TBD around 6. There will be a hangover breakfast on Sunday around noon at a location also TBD so bring a little cash. Also tips are welcome! T'is the season to be giving, and all that food and drink isn't cheap.  :P

Things to bring - toothbrush, toothpaste, sleeping bag, air mattress (couch space is limited, and Soron only has 2 spare air mattresses), towel & toiletries if you plan to shower (plz do!). The other option is to book a room at the doubletree on Jefferson Road Rochester. That's where I usually stay because I'm a spoiled brat. We can have a little powwow. :P

Anyway - if you want to go, be sure to let Soron know. If you don't have Soron's contact info, leave a note here with a way that Soron can contact you and he'll get back to ya.

And hope to see you there!

In the meantime: Happy Thanksgiving!

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