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FOXmas Announcement! (Frozen Oasis 20)

The first official artwork of our upcoming mini-convention FOXmas. Let me know what you think!

Art is courtesy of Bonk and sort-of gives a sneak peek at what we're thinking about this convention. FOXmas will be the first overtly adult furry convention (at least ... that I know of!) No minors will be allowed into the convention space (sorry guys!)

FOXmas will prove a milestone of the furry community, and is sure to be a good time for all! Just a note: despite the adult nature of FOXmas, regular Frozen Oasis rules apply to this convention... that is, no yiffing or nudity in public or convention spaces... but we hope to provide an atmosphere where talking about sex is okay. Skritching, hugging, lapsitting, kissing, and groping should be allowed between consenting adults at conventions - and it will be at ours.

We are working to get adult-themed panels as well, but no promises! We can't estimate how much space we will have until we have an idea of our budget, and we won't know our budget until we have an idea of how many furs will be attending.

Speaking of all that, there will be a donation drive on Knotcast this week to try and raise some startup cash so that we have a better bargaining position with the hotel. Just to dispel any rumors... we have the convention area reserved already. We have not worked out all of the details, such as extra conference rooms, catering for the GoH dinner, and whether or not to offer an open-bar.

If you want to help us get a good deal, please donate!

... and speaking of GoH's, donations, and Knotcast, I am pleased to announce FOXmas's first GoH, fuzzwolf!

Fuzzwolf is co-owner of Furplanet, one of the "big 3" in the land of furry publishing, founder and personality for Knotcast, and prolific author. His works include Trevor's Tricks, one of the best-selling pr0n0graphic furry novels of all time, and recently published a short story in the collection "X" (on sale now!)

Thanks for reading! FOXmas's website will be up hopefully sometime this week, and pre-registrations will be open for all who wish to attend! Hope to see you at the con!

- jaspian

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