December 5th, 2012

Not much time left!

Only about 2 weeks until the End of the World Convention kicks off, Thursday December 20!

Have you registered yet? Unfortunately pre-reg is over, but having the first dynamic entirely-electronic registration, we do not have to close our registrations like other cons so you can register now and bypass the line at the reg desk!

Furry End of the World Con is going to have the biggest furry dance party EVER on Friday Dec 21, 2012 with amazing music and lights and unlimited free cocktails.

Early-attendees will be treated to a wide selection of fine liquors at our social and meet & greet on Thursday night.

This is a full convention, complete with panels, games, events, and more!

Dealers are welcome! We still have space in our dealer's den!

We are endeavoring to be the most technologically advanced convention in world history. With our great virtual-conbadge system, there is no limit to the new features and abilities for our attendees!

But most of all - you have a fun, tongue-and-cheek apocalyptic atmosphere and a safe party environment to reign in the Mayan Apocalypse with your fellow furs! If you haven't registered already, please join us!

See you at the End of the World!

~ Etheras
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