June 21st, 2006


First-paw account of ANTHROCON 2006

For a software engineer, I can be awfully inept when it comes to computers (I blame the vulpine ditziness). So for my first post, I will perform the unfortunate task of summarizing that fateful night of furry political abuse that was July 16, 2006.

Soron and I (and a few other furs including Aerun and Rex the Insomnia Puppy and a very nice German fur who I unfortunately do not remember the name of (anyone who might know, please let me know, he deserves props for his assistance,)) had set up the rigging and lights the night before, set up the speakers, tested them, I made a few necessary repairs to my outfit… the preparations continued into the next day, divided by only sleep and food and Soron frolicking about the con in his new Panda fursuit (made by Primal Visions). We finished the room setup only moments before furries burst through the door en masse.
The suite was separated into two rooms - one for dancers, music lovers, and people who enjoy a hypnotic lightshow, and the other for drinks, socializing, and relaxation. The former was more my affair and the latter was Soron’s, albeit we didn’t have much time to explore the other half of our own party, as within ten minutes of our doors opening, Kage showed up to close down the party. We managed to deflect him once, but soon the Dorschutzstaffel joined, and although Kage left (to bust up other parties) the harassment continued at the hands of his minions. One was even childish enough to march up to the door, beret at its ridiculous jaunty angle, grab our sign, which was posted right next to the fur who was checking IDs, and tried to walk away with it. Earlier that night, we’d made a stand for it at the hotel’s request, so it was not stuck to the wall or door, and therefore not a violation.
Anyhow, his majesty, Mr. Apocalypse himself (Kage,) returned within the hour to shut us down for good. Frozen Oasis is a privately owned and run entity, and so he could not tell us to leave or even to come into our room, but he did point out that it was within their jurisdiction to remove the badges from anyone entering or leaving the Frozen Oasis party. So, out of fear for our guests losing their privileges, we shut it down.

So what happened? What did we do that was worse in any way than any other parties at the con? We have a few theories…

Noise – The reason Kage gave us was noise. This is unlikely, however, since after the first warning, we toned it down real quiet, not to mention there is a huge slab of concrete separating the rooms to ensure that noise doesn’t travel from one room to another easily. Also, most of the floor was at our party. Who was around to complain? Kage said that we awoke his sister, but she was four doors down and on the opposite side of the hall. It’s unlikely that she could hear us at all after we turned it down. Checking with the hotel staff showed no formal noise complaints.

Traffic – People were coming and leaving continually for the 50 minutes we were open. It’s not a very good reason for shutting down a party.

Unsanctioned – They came 10 minutes after we started with the con chairman. The next day, all of our advertisements and signs were torn down. Why the haste? Why were we targeted? For one, our party was well publicized. Secondly, it was popular. Kage is well known to frown upon popular events that aren’t under his control, were we just another name on the list? Or was he afraid of having his con’s name on our party by us being at his con and worried about the repercussions? We were carding at the door, requiring conbadges (to try to keep the con happy), and even had security to ensure the event stayed well in hand. So what did we do to get this type of treatment from the dorsai hate squad? What set us apart? Anyone who might know, or wants to add to this recollection of that night, please feel free to speak your mind.

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