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Need I say Moar?

The Third-Annual Frozen Oasis Christmas Party (or "FOX-mas", for short  ;)   )  is ON.

As of right now, we are setting a date for Saturday December 6, and it will kick off around 8pm and go all night long. We are announcing it early this year, since furs have shown interest in the party from all over the country, and need to make plans ahead of time for taking time off from work, or for air-fare (now you guys no longer have any excuse! So there!)

Get Drunk. We will have punch, nog, and of course the usual FO Drink selection. We will also have the dance rig set up for any furs who want to shake their tails. We will also play traditional Christmas movies for some... enlightened commentary... and of course there's dirty Christmas carols.

This is a Frozen Oasis Party, so it's generally open to everybody (provided yor 21+). Selected 18+ furs may be allowed to come if they do not drink. However, RSVPs are -required- for this party, so we know how much booze to get. There's also a finite cap on how many furs can fit in the party space (since most will end up sleeping over). So please contact Soron EARLY if you plan to attend, and he will send out a formal invite to you so you know that your place has been saved.

There will be crash space at the party house. There is also an extraordinary and beautiful hotel about 5 miles away from the party, however, the rooms are pretty expensive (like $220 per night). There will be at least one room taken out at the hotel by Jaspian (me) because I can't stand snoring furs!! If you want to bum space in my room, you must not snore, be smelly, or be messy, and I'll consider it.

Normal Frozen Oasis Rules Apply... check the Frozen Oasis Ten Commandments of Conduct for specifics (earlier in this LJ)

Jolly Cheer, Humor, and Kindness and all that. You may also want to bring a sleeping bag or blankets, a pillow, and a towel (Soron has these, but they're even more limited than space is). Other than that - bring the things that you would normally bring on a short vacation. There are 3 convenience stores and a 24-hour grocery store about a mile from the party, so almost anything that you may forget can be easily replaced. Also, bring some money. We usually go out for greasy heavy breakfast hangover food the next day.

Any other questions? Feel free to post!

Hope to see you there!


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