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What really happened…

Here’s an account of what really happened at Frozen Oasis Pittsburgh 2007.

We set up in the Westin Convention Center Hotel for the guests of Anthrocon, one of the world’s largest furry cons. We had a 3 room suite, probably about 800-1000 sq ft of party area. The party kicked off at 8 pm sharp. I started DJing with a set I had prepared the previous night (drum and bass, as usual), ‘cuz Genki was just unpacking his car. About 15 minutes in, he arrived and started to set up. Our new rig, the new components having been field-tested at Morphicon for the first time, now were set up with elements of our existing light system, producing what is easily the best laser & light show in the fandom (yes, even better than the dances at the big hotels). After setting up, Genki played for 15-20 minutes before Tekfox arrived. Tek was to go on first, then hand it over to Genki when he had to go spin at the dance. Tek played breaks, then Genki took over with DnB. When Genki had to leave, I was going to sneak back in and do some EBM a little before midnight, but we never got that far.

Around 11:15 a dorsai came into our room uninvited, and walked right in, ignoring our door guard. We’re not sure if they were the ones who filed the complaint, or if they were trying to warn us, because not even two minutes later, the sheriff stationed in the hotel came up and told us to turn the music off. This raises some questions about the dorsai perhaps overstepping their authority again this year, as they were not given jurisdiction of the residence floors, and are explicitly barred from entering rooms without the consent of the people who rented the room, but on the other hand, they could have been trying to warn us to keep it down because the police were coming up… at this time, I’m not sure what the full story is. I do know that one of the higher-ups in Kage’s inner circle was present at our party (as a guest) when the police arrived, and he said he didn’t see us as having done anything wrong. There’s some investigating still going on. We’ll keep you posted. If you know anything, feel free to share.

Unlike FWA, the end of the music didn’t mean the end of the party at AC. In fact, if we did lose guests, it was a negligible number. We continued to party until around 1:30, when the sheriff returned, stating that he’d gotten requests to close us down for the night. He also mentioned in a low whisper (to Soron) that he thought us being closed down is “Bullsh*t”, but he didn’t elaborate. He was just doing his job, and we weren’t there to make trouble, so we shut it down.

Even so, the party was a huge success. Five and a half hours of party, 3 hours 15 minutes of live music, including DJ Genki and TekFox. It was kind-of a CD release party as well, as Tekfox sold copies of his two new megamix albums, ‘Guilty Pleasures’ (Breaks), and ‘Screwed Up From The Start’ (DnB). In total, our attendance was staggering. 263 guests, not including 7 FO staffers, and 240 leis were distributed. We went through FIFTY GALLONS of mixed drink, about a 25/25 Gal even split between margarita and daiquiri (daiquiri slightly favored), containing more than 40 liters of straight alcohol. As far as merchandising is concerned, we sold out of Frozen Oasis steins, all except one because it broke in-transit (we will carry more though in the future). I’ll be changing the design for the next batch so that the originals remain novel.

What’s the future of FO at AC? Right now we’re not sure. Soron didn’t want to go back, but he might have changed his mind since, I’m not sure. I would like to go back. It’s going to depend largely on who turns out to be at fault for getting the gig canned. We will have to discuss it with our contact in the AC higher-ups and see what we can negotiate.

But to make sure all rumors remain dispelled, nobody was maced, no mace exploded, nobody was tasered, no stinkbombs, the party was completely without incident other than police showing up in place of dorsai to shut down the party. Nobody got sick, nobody was hospitalized, these things just don't happen at FO parties.
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