Not much time left!

Only about 2 weeks until the End of the World Convention kicks off, Thursday December 20!

Have you registered yet? Unfortunately pre-reg is over, but having the first dynamic entirely-electronic registration, we do not have to close our registrations like other cons so you can register now and bypass the line at the reg desk!

Furry End of the World Con is going to have the biggest furry dance party EVER on Friday Dec 21, 2012 with amazing music and lights and unlimited free cocktails.

Early-attendees will be treated to a wide selection of fine liquors at our social and meet & greet on Thursday night.

This is a full convention, complete with panels, games, events, and more!

Dealers are welcome! We still have space in our dealer's den!

We are endeavoring to be the most technologically advanced convention in world history. With our great virtual-conbadge system, there is no limit to the new features and abilities for our attendees!

But most of all - you have a fun, tongue-and-cheek apocalyptic atmosphere and a safe party environment to reign in the Mayan Apocalypse with your fellow furs! If you haven't registered already, please join us!

See you at the End of the World!

~ Etheras
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End of the World Convention Room Block is OPEN!

Hi all you party-furs!
Just wanted to let you all know that Frozen Oasis's "End of the World Convention" is now OPEN for booking rooms Our room block is 
limited, so please book soon! Otherwise you might not get in at the con rate (which is a lot cheaper BTW!) Room rates for convention block are $109/night for 2 Queen or 1 King. Deluxe rooms like suites are also available (at least there were some left the last time I heard)

So please come out to our convention and reign in the end of civilization (as we know it) while we party our way through the Mayan Apocalypse. (And yes this is a real convention)  :P

So..! Hope to see you at the End of the World. :)

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End Of The World Convention: REGISTRATION IS OPEN

When the world ends, where will you be? Come to End Of The World Convention!Things are coming together for the Last Furry Convention EVER: The End of the World Convention , to take place Starting Thursday December 20, 2012 and going through December 23 2012. That Friday (December 21, 2012) at Midnight is the END of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar. Doomsayers around the world have predicted that this marks the End of the World. And if the world is going to end, we're going to go down with the largest, most kickass furry-party the world has ever seen! Please come join us!

The website is up at and is ready to receive Registrations. If you have any problems registering please send an email to: and Soron and I will try to take care of it promptly. This is a FROZEN OASIS - run event, and as usual for our events, it will be strictly 21+ (no exceptions) because there will be lots of booze, and on Friday (Apocalypse Night), drinks are on us... and as many as you want.  :)

So please come! And please spread the word!
For updates, follow us on Twitter
Or on Facebook

... and I hope to see you all at The End Of The World!


~ Etheras (formerly Jaspian)
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We Did It!

Frozen Oasis presented: MAD HATTER'S TEA PARTY May 13, 2011 - the biggest furry party in the world so far

Yesterday, the Frozen Oasis packed up and went home from Morphicon 2011, having done what many said could not be done - having a held a full Frozen Oasis nightclub-style party as part of a furry convention. Thanks to all of you who came to the party, and thanks to the Morphicon staff who had the trust and courage to allow us to do our thing, Frozen Oasis #24 - The Mad Hatter's Tea Party - was epic-making. Once again proving that well-organized drinking parties are safer than con security coming down on furry parties and forcing them underground, we went through an astonishing FIFTY FIVE GALLONS of frozen cocktails, from the peppermint-chai "Mad Hatter's Tea" to the "Drink Me" concoction, without a single incident. We used 100 high-intensity glowsticks, 144 UV-reactive mardi-gras necklaces (for the lounge, which was lit by UV and UV-reactive stuff ONLY, including our new hurricane glasses, which we went through 150 of and had to supplement the rest with standard red cups), and we raised $280 in our charity pet auction for the ferret rescue folks.
Collapse )

I'm sure that over the next few weeks, a whole slew of Frozen Oasis 24 videos will appear on youtube, here's video from SparkyBlueFox that I stumbled upon last night:

The dance room (he seems to really like Jadaira in her fursuit... BTW Jadaira DJ'd in suit for her first set)  :P

... and this was from the lounge...

Thanks guys for putting the videos up! And thanks to all of you who came to the party. Please be sure to stop in again next year and bring your friends (if they're cool)  ;P

- jaspian
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Frozen Oasis Just Turned 5!

Yay! Parties! Frozen Oasis turned 5 tonight
Frozen Oasis Turns Five

Time flies, doesn’t it? Today was the Friday of FWA 2011, which means that Frozen Oasis is five years old today as of midnight. We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings as a generic late-night one-room party to becoming the talk of the fandom for a few years. There have been ups and downs and bumps along the way, but it has been a fun ride so far, and five years and twenty-two parties later, we’re still here, even if we’re not as active as we were when the Frozen Oasis started. I like to think that what we’ve cut back in quantity has been more-than made-up by quality for you guys (although I’d like to start doing more FO events too!) now that we have a real soundsystem,  real DJ equipment, a real frozen drink maker, a real laser and light show... and even more to come!

So I’d like to thank you all for your support, and here’s to five more years of epic furry parties! For those of you who are interested, I've been slowly adding the years of amassed Frozen Oasis artwork to our Furaffinity Frozen Oasis profile at : ... if you're interested please subscribe. We'll be posting more content there in the coming years because... well... its easier to follow people on FA (at least I think so) than on LJ. Of course we'll still post here too, but the artwork gallery will be on FA. .. Anyway! I hope you'll all come out to Morphicon as we take over Friday night and redefine what a furry party ought to be in the main dance room. 21+ only, per-usual, and you will need your conbadge to get in. Hope to see you there!


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FOXmas V in Review

FOXmas 5 is done (so sad) -- but we'll be back again next year!  -^.^-Thanks everybody for coming out to FOXmas 2010!

Another year, another FOXmas! And this one was a special milestone: that was the fifth annual FOXmas and it’s still going strong. Personally, I thought it was the best one to date. Great food, great drinks, and most of all - great people.

So we had a total party attendance of 45, which means that we’re getting precariously close to our previous record before we decided to restrict attendance to prevent overcrowding, but the new layout, I think, kinda addressed that and made for more open space at the party. We did set a record for Hangover Breakfast though, with 33 furs attending, which is the most we’ve had for any Frozen Oasis Hangover Breakfast, not just for FOXmas, but for *all* Hangover Breakfasts so far, and there were 8 for the Sunday movie afterward... which wasn’t a great film. Review is up HERE for those of you who’re interested. As for the party...

For alcohol, we finished off …
* 6 gallons of Holiday Pepperment Chai
* 3 gallons of Mulled Cider
* 3 gallons of Pina Colada
* 3 750 mL bottles of fine champagne
* 1 L Everclear
* ⅕ of Amaretto
* ⅕ of Chestnut liquor

For food, we finished off...
* 10 lbs of ham
* 15 chicken breasts
* 3 lbs pasta
* lots of dip, chips & other snacks

So overall I’d say it was a very successful event. The party went from 7 pm until finally wrapping up at 5 am. Jaderia and Tiff played first set (Thanks guys, you were great!), mostly Industrial Techno. I played second set, starting a little before midnight, mostly Dubstep.

There was also a Special Announcement made at the party... for those of you who weren’t there, I think you might be interested to know...

Frozen Oasis will now be a con-sponsored event at Morphicon. Having such a positive reception in recent years that we managed to close down most of the convention events after 8 pm on Friday by draining them of attendees, Jewel has decided to give us a main ballroom, so that we can throw the Frozen Oasis party like it’s meant to be thrown - with plenty of flourish and style - and supposedly all convention events except for Frozen Oasis will be closed. This will hopefully be a big thing for the furry community in general - first ever con-sponsored convention party, and it being in a ballroom. And we hope to give back to Morphicon by significantly increasing their attendance this year. So please, if you like Frozen Oasis and can make it out to Ohio in May, come to Morphicon and bring your friends...! With your help, we can show all the doubters what a boon con-sponsored convention parties can be to the furry community as a whole, (so that there can be more of them)! As usual, FO @ Morphicon will be 21+ with photo ID, and you will need to have a conbadge to get in.

Hope to see you there!  -^.^-
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Announcement: FOXmas 5! Dec 11, 2010 in Rochester NY

Soron and Jaspian posing for FOXmas5!
Announcing : FOXmas V!

Yesyes - this will be the fifth FOXmas coming up.... time flies, doesn't it? Anyway, it will be held in the traditional manner (still no convention revival, sorry  :(  ), and it will be held at Soron's house in Rochester NY on December 11, 2010. For the first time ever, this will be a formal event. Black ties encouraged, but if you haven't got a tux, its okay to be semi-formal. However, make sure to bring some dancin' shoes, 'cuz the rave room will be set up and running hot all night long.

For any newcomers - FOXmas parties are limited-attendance because his house can only sleep so many, and because we need to get a head-count for food and drinks, so please contact Soron before you come to make sure there's space available, otherwise you might get turned away at the door (yes, we're being strict about this again this year. No repeat of 2008!)

Anyway... party kicks off at 8 pm, but there will be a bunch of furs going out for dinner beforehand, location TBD around 6. There will be a hangover breakfast on Sunday around noon at a location also TBD so bring a little cash. Also tips are welcome! T'is the season to be giving, and all that food and drink isn't cheap.  :P

Things to bring - toothbrush, toothpaste, sleeping bag, air mattress (couch space is limited, and Soron only has 2 spare air mattresses), towel & toiletries if you plan to shower (plz do!). The other option is to book a room at the doubletree on Jefferson Road Rochester. That's where I usually stay because I'm a spoiled brat. We can have a little powwow. :P

Anyway - if you want to go, be sure to let Soron know. If you don't have Soron's contact info, leave a note here with a way that Soron can contact you and he'll get back to ya.

And hope to see you there!

In the meantime: Happy Thanksgiving!
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Announcement: No Frozen Oasis at MFM 2010 :(

Jaspi looks surprised and a little shocked and hurt that there will be no FO at MFM!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you all know that there won’t be a Frozen Oasis at Mephit Furmeet this year because.... quite simply - we won’t be there. Its nothing against the convention or anything like that. Its simply too far away. While up until now this hasn’t deterred us from attending in the past, in recent years three new furry conventions have opened in the Northeast / North Central. Closer conventions means less expense, both in cost and vacation time. This means that I can attend more conventions if I cut out MFM and FWA. That’s not to say that these are bad cons - quite to the contrary. MFM especially, is one of the greatest conventions I’ve ever been to.  However, it takes 58 hours of total travel time for me to attend MFM if I bring the Oasis, and I can’t help but wonder if that time might be better spent at least trying some of these local conventions instead.

So, at least for 2010 and early 2011, there will be no Frozen Oasis at MFM or FWA. Hope you guys have a fun time there even without us, and you’ll be missed. Next FO will be FOXmas in early December.

Sorry to disappoint,

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"Welcome to Fort-T" - PANDA PARTY (Frozen Oasis XXII) in review

A little montage of the artwork by ChewieMonster of Soron at Fort-T and Jas mockingly sticking out his tongue at him

So the Panda Party is over, and in its wake is nothing but piles of used paper plates and red plastic cups and memories. First, I’d like to thank everybody who came out to celebrate Soron’s 40th Birthday Party with us, especially those who came long distances for this occasion. Thanks also to those of you who brought presents or donated towards the cost of the party.

The party was pretty big... not quite as big as FOXmas, but Panda Party is getting close. There were exactly 50 furs in attendance this year. We plowed through 12 gallons of mixed drink, and 6 liters of straight alcohol. There were also some jello shots... some beer... unfortunately because Panda Party doesn’t have the “no outside liquor” rule, its hard to gauge exactly how much was consumed and of what. We had some Apple pie liquor and some Midori and Amaretto... anyway, the point is, a lot of furs got pretty damn tipsy.   :)  We also went through 5 packs of leis ( about 50 in total) and about 2 dozen glowsticks.

The party kicked off around 2 pm on Saturday, and went until about 5 am on Sunday. Lots of furs used the pool, and we had projectors showing movies on the back fence (Sherlock Holmes) and over the pool on the house wall (3:10 to Yuma.... which I thought was epic!), as well as some old Western on the regular TV. Dance Room kicked on around 7 or 8 or so. I took the first set, spinning mostly Dub and DnB. Effects pad was kinda cool, but for the first time ever I figured out the scratcher to full effect. Yeah, I need to get better at it, but it wasn’t bad at all. I will practice and use it more in the future!  :)  Jaderia took over after that and played a bunch of DnB and Industrial Dance. Card games went on all day and night and then again the next day. Hangover breakfast was at 12:30 on Sunday. and 24 furs went to it.

Overall, I think the party went over pretty well. There was a little miscommunication about what the Panda Party would be like, which caused some to be shocked. Next year, we will be explicit as to what guests should expect, and what the rules of the party are. Next year’s Panda Party will not be a Frozen Oasis party because Soron wants to shed some of the expectations that come with being “Frozen Oasis”, which is really designed to be more of a convention party, rather than a house party. FOXmas will remain a Frozen Oasis, however, because of the volume of guests, even though it will be a house party again this year. (FOXmas will not be a con in 2010. Sorry guys!)

I’m sure that some of you heard that Soron had to be hospitalized the day after Panda Party broke up. To dispel any rumors, its because a chair broke while he was sitting on it and he fell pretty hard. He was released the same day - so no worries, doc says he’s fine.

Anyway - thanks for coming out, and hope to see you at PandaParty next year!
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