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Frozen Oasis Today

Information on the world's largest furry party: Frozen Oasis

12/5/12 12:59 am - etherasfox - Not much time left!

Only about 2 weeks until the End of the World Convention kicks off, Thursday December 20!

Have you registered yet? Unfortunately pre-reg is over, but having the first dynamic entirely-electronic registration, we do not have to close our registrations like other cons so you can register now and bypass the line at the reg desk!

Furry End of the World Con is going to have the biggest furry dance party EVER on Friday Dec 21, 2012 with amazing music and lights and unlimited free cocktails.

Early-attendees will be treated to a wide selection of fine liquors at our social and meet & greet on Thursday night.

This is a full convention, complete with panels, games, events, and more!

Dealers are welcome! We still have space in our dealer's den!

We are endeavoring to be the most technologically advanced convention in world history. With our great virtual-conbadge system, there is no limit to the new features and abilities for our attendees!

But most of all - you have a fun, tongue-and-cheek apocalyptic atmosphere and a safe party environment to reign in the Mayan Apocalypse with your fellow furs! If you haven't registered already, please join us!

See you at the End of the World!

~ Etheras

11/12/12 07:34 pm - thegreenarcher - Furry End of the World Convention Newsletter

The newsletter is now available. Take a look and consider coming to our con. The hotel room block closes in 8 days on November 20th and Pre-reg ends on November 30th! Register today at www.furryendoftheworld.com

Just click the picture below to view the newsletter.

newsletter header

10/18/12 11:02 pm - thegreenarcher - The Furry A*R*K* teaser trailer for FEotWC

Here is the long awaited fursuit teaser trailer for FEotWC! Take a look and then go register today at our website furryendoftheworld.com   Also reserve your hotel room today.  The convention room block closes on 11/20.  Preregistration ends on 11/30.  Do not wait!



10/8/12 04:08 pm - thegreenarcher - EotWC promo done at AC with Sparky Blue Fox!

Here is a promo video I did for Furry End of the World with sparkybluefox at AC this summer. Please share with your friends and spread the word!

9/29/12 04:17 pm - thegreenarcher - Furry End of the World Convention Announces 2012 Fundraiser to Benefit Wolfgem

Earlier this year, tragedy struck the furry community, when a furry couple was struck by a drunk driver while they were walking their dogs. All four dogs were killed, and the boyfriend - Harison Long-Randall (Elden) later succumbed to his injuries as well, after selflessly and heroically pushing his girlfriend - Gemily West (Wolfgem) - from taking the brunt of the collision with the recklessly speeding vehicle, and taking the brunt of the impact himself. The sheer horror of the tragedy and outrage at this hit-and-run spread through the furry community like wildfire. But nothing we do can replace the loss Gemily must feel. So we do what little we can: and that little is to hold a fundraiser to help Gemily financially with any outstanding medical or other expenses during her time of loss.

Furry End of the World will be holding a special collection at the convention and will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the art auction to Wolfgem. WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this successful. Please consider donating art pieces, certificates for commissions, ears tails, fursuits, or any other items that furries might be interested in so we can help out one of our own in their time of true need. For more information on donations please contact me directly.

For more information on the fundraiser or to register for the convention please visit our website The End of the World Convention

8/6/12 04:53 pm - thegreenarcher - Preliminary Schedule for the End of the World Convention

A lot of furs have been inquiring about a preliminary schedule of events and we have had a slight delay in the release of updates to our webpage so we thought we would post a teaser schedule of events here:

Preliminary Schedule: All times and events subject to change

Thursday, December 20th
Registration 5pm-10pm
Etheras' Cocktail Reception 9p-11p

Friday, December 21st The Worlds Last Day!

Registration: 9a-9p
Merchants Area: 11a-630p
Opening Ceremonies: 11a-12p
Game Room:
Open Gaming 9a-730p
Magic the Gathering Tournament: 1p-5p
Various panels, fursuit activities and meet-ups 9a-8p

The End of the World Party (Open Bar 8p - 2a) 8p - 3a
The End of the World Ceremony 1145p-1215a
Operation: Chill Out Lounge for The Ones with live music 8p-3am (closed during The End of the world Ceremony)

Saturday, December 22nd A new Day Dawns???
Merchants Area: 9a-830p
Game Room:
Open Gaming 6a-3a
Magic the Gathering Tournament: 11a-3p
War Hammer 40K Tournament: 4p-8p
Poker Tournament: 10-end
Fursuit Games: Early afternoon
Artists Challenge: Late Afternoon/ Early Evening
Fursuit Parade: Evening 7 or 8
Going Out in Style: SaphLion's Wine tasting (Open only to those who register as "The One's" ): ~ 7p-9p
Cash Bar: 8pm-2am
Xan's Comedy Hour: 9p-10p
Dance and/or Concert 10p-3a
Various Panels, meet-ups, and activities

Sunday, December 23rd The Departure
Merchants Area: 9a-4p
Strike of Main Stage: 9a-4p
Closing Ceremonies: 4p-5p
Game Room:
Open Gaming 9a-4p
Magic the Gathering Tournament: 12p-4p
Various panels, fursuit activities and SIGS 9a-4p
Nerf Battle 5pm-7pm

There will also be a charity auction and various other events still under development/discussion. Please feel free to submit your ideas or let us know if you would like to host a panel, workshop, event or Meet-up. All in all we plan on providing around 81 hours of programming in addition to the end of the world party.

Now that you have seen the awesome slate of events we have planned so far please head over to our website and register for the convention. We really need a lot of per-registrations so we can properly gauge the attendance and have an appropriate amount of previsions on hand for the convention!

8/1/12 01:01 am - etherasfox - End of the World Convention Room Block is OPEN!

Hi all you party-furs!
Just wanted to let you all know that Frozen Oasis's "End of the World Convention" is now OPEN for booking rooms Our room block is 
limited, so please book soon! Otherwise you might not get in at the con rate (which is a lot cheaper BTW!) Room rates for convention block are $109/night for 2 Queen or 1 King. Deluxe rooms like suites are also available (at least there were some left the last time I heard)

So please come out to our convention and reign in the end of civilization (as we know it) while we party our way through the Mayan Apocalypse. (And yes this is a real convention)  :P

So..! Hope to see you at the End of the World. :)

6/18/12 08:51 pm - thegreenarcher - Call for Artists

My friends and fellow furs,

I normally never ask for help, especially like this, but I really need some. As you all know I can't draw my way out of a paper bag soooooooooooooo....

After a successful promotional trip to AC and launch of its registration system and members' areas of the website,The End of the World Convention, is in need of artists to complete some simple images (icons, buttons, and the like) and maybe a complex image or two for page redirects and such for our website and for promotional items. If you can donate your time to draw one or several images required it will be greatly appreciated. We really need these rather soon say in the next couple of weeks.

While I would love to be able to pay for every piece we use we just can't and well all of you know I can't draw! I am sure we can find an appropriate reward for your time and effort if you are able to donate an image we can use. Please get in touch with me and or share this journal on your pages and lets see if we can get some really neat stuff done!

Let me if you can help and I'll get in touch with exactly what we need. I appreciate all the support you have given the Frozen Oasis parties the past 7 years or so (wow it has been that long hasn't it) and I look forward to your continued support as we enter this new phase of our evolution within furrydom.



PS: Go to The End of the World Convention and register for the convention! Or at the very least register for free as a "concerned citizen" to keep up to date on any new developments.

6/16/12 06:25 pm - etherasfox - End Of The World Convention: REGISTRATION IS OPEN

When the world ends, where will you be? Come to End Of The World Convention!Things are coming together for the Last Furry Convention EVER: The End of the World Convention , to take place Starting Thursday December 20, 2012 and going through December 23 2012. That Friday (December 21, 2012) at Midnight is the END of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar. Doomsayers around the world have predicted that this marks the End of the World. And if the world is going to end, we're going to go down with the largest, most kickass furry-party the world has ever seen! Please come join us!

The website is up at www.FurryEndOfTheWorld.com and is ready to receive Registrations. If you have any problems registering please send an email to: furryendoftheworld@gmail.com and Soron and I will try to take care of it promptly. This is a FROZEN OASIS - run event, and as usual for our events, it will be strictly 21+ (no exceptions) because there will be lots of booze, and on Friday (Apocalypse Night), drinks are on us... and as many as you want.  :)

So please come! And please spread the word!
For updates, follow us on Twitter
Or on Facebook

... and I hope to see you all at The End Of The World!


~ Etheras (formerly Jaspian)

11/13/11 05:19 pm - thegreenarcher - FOX-mas 2011 "My Little Party: FOX-mas Is Magic"

It's that time of year again! Time for the FOXmas party! this year it will be at my house again so we have to limit attendance so please RSVP and do so soon so I can make sure we have enough food and drink.

To change things up a little this year, we decided to do a themed FOXmas Party - "My Little Party: FOXmas is Magic". What do ponies have to do with Christmas, you may ask? And the answer is that that is like *the* stereotypical thing little girls ask for from Santa. I suspect that's actually how the MLP franchise came about... parents who's daughters asked for a pony and they don't want to disappoint.

This year we HAVE to be Strictly 21+, and we will be checking IDs for any and all newcomers.

Grazing will start at 7pm and the party will get underway officially at 8pm on December 10. Food & mixed drinks provided (its a light dinner of finger-food mostly. Don't expect a full sit-down spread! Although at some point someone always orders pizza at these things, but if you want pizza bring a couple extra bucks to pitch in!). If you would like to bring food to help out please check with me ahead of time so we don't wind up with 100 bags of tortilla chips and no salsa!

It is also Goatmancer's birthday so we will have CAKE!!!!

Hangover breakfast is at 12:30 the following afternoon. The location to be decided at the FOXmas party... but typically it will be someplace with all-day breakfast (breakfast has such good hangover food).

Its going to be the _BEST NIGHT EVER_! (At least until the next one) :P

Artwork by Jaspian
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